■ checkpoint presents Rhadoo

Rhadoo, one of the three romanian collective [a:rpia:r] spearheads and worldwide ambassor of nowadays most forward thinking house music as a producer, is coming back at Checkpoint once again after his memorable set at Teatre Principal back in 2015. Facing last 2016 quarter, Checkpoint music art invites another romanian icon at Barcelona’s INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club keeping in memory the recent visit of Raresh in the city. Rhadoo will be supported by Checkpoint residents Sampol and Rainer, with whom the romanian already played on previous Checkpoint events. Once again, Poble Español will host an special synergy based on a deep, dubby house and uplifting and seductive techno for the genre lovers.

■ Friday, 21/10 from 00:00 to 06:00

■ Rhadoo [a:rpia:r] / Romania
■ Rainer (checkpoint) / Spain
■ Sampol (checkpoint) / Spain

■ INPUT High Fidelity Dance Club:
Poble Espanyol / Marqués de Comillas 13-25. 08038 Barcelona, Spain

Join the event here: