checkpoint ■

Established in Barcelona since 2013, Checkpoint Music Art focuses its events in Barcelona as steady forward-thinking approaches between several contemporary shapes of House and Techno with avant-garde artistic trends. Counting both musical and visual conceptions strictly aligned with having on board the most emerging electronic music artists of European’s underground scene as constant collaborations with rising multimedia artists, installation designers or sculptures wizards from the most renowned local art academies and galleries.

Artists which have performed at Checkpoint so far:

Abelle, Ada Kaleh, Alexander Kyosev, Andrey Pushkarev Andrey Zots, Anthea, Anushka, Archie Hamilton, Baraso, Bella Sarris, Birdsmakingmachine, Bolumar, Cab Drivers, Cabanne, Chad Andrew, Cris J, Crocodile Soup, DJ QU, Dan Andrei, Dana Ruh, Daniel Bell, David Gtronic, Dean Barred, Doubtingthomas, East End Dubs, Egal 3, Faster, Fernando Costantini, Ferro, Francesco del Garda, Fred P, Gescu, Giovani Verrina & Germano Ventura, Hanfry Martinez, Herr, Hold Youth, ISAbella, Ion Ludwig, ISAbella, Isherwood, Jan Krueger, Javier Carballo, Jessica Diaz, Lilith, John Dimas, Julian Perez, Julie Marghilano, Kozo, Laurine, Lazare Hoche, Lifer, Livio & Roby, Loquace, Lowris, Luc Ringeisen, Lyonel, Mandar, Margaret Dygas, The Mole, Nastia, Nicolas Lutz, Onur Özer, Pagal, Pelle, Petre Inspirescu, Piticu, Point G, Praslea, Priku, Rainer, Randall M, Raresh, Re-UP, Rhadoo, Rick Maia, Robin Ordell, Roon, S-Audio, SBRI, SIT (Cristi Cons & Vlad Caia), Sampol, Scott Kemp, Sergio Moreira, Seuil, Sonja Moonear, Sonodab, Steve Abot, Steve O’Sullivan, Steevio, Thomas Melchior, tINI, Tolga Fidan, Valentino Kanzyani, Vid, Vera, Voigtmann, Yakine, Yvo Zanev, Zendid, Zotist.