The cult-like affection that YAKAZI's label owners have towards sound paired with their musical origins and beliefs, creating a label in which they intend to draw an expressive universe that flows through various melodic and rhythmic scenarios, in which good taste prevails over fads and trends. Loving what they do and profoundly believe in it. YAKAZI’s sound is committed to a warmer, human, spacious, imperfect and pure sound; always defending what we love to hear, what they like to feel, how they prefer to dance, and the moments they enjoy the most. The label is the musical seed of our past, which comes to fruition in the present by going back to our roots but always staying true to the sonic background that has made us grow and evolve. The result of this is a limited edition of vinyl and digital releases carefully tailored by some of the leading and most prized artist of the current electronic music scene. Label's mission is to move people and their satisfaction comes from enjoying ourselves through music. Without music YAKAZI would not be here.

YAKAZI released so far:

YKZ001 // Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder – Different Samba (incl Loquace and Butane remixes) YKZ002 // Tripmastaz – Ain’t Made 4 U (incl. Christian Burkhardt & Andre Buljat and Hitch remixes) YKZ003 // Rework – Acid Control (incl Fur Coat remix)